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Just mucking about...

2011-11-07 12:35:36 by Lodmot

Hi guys,
I just joined here today and uploaded my first Beatles cover recording...
I hope posting a song cover doesn't violate any copyright rules here...
I'm not much of a songwriter myself, but I love The Beatles, and so you'll see me post a lot of cover songs from that time era. I do have a few original pieces I made, including a strange avante-garde piece I did with my electric guitar in combination with amplifier feedback...

Uh... I hope you guys like my tracks that I post, and it's cool being here at newgrounds. ^^
-feels like I just landed in a strange new planet-


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2011-11-07 13:20:23

Hello & Welcome to NewGrounds! Don't forget to put all your favorite Flash/Games/Art & Audio on your page, also Voting on your 5 submissions of the day Everyday. Have a great day :D

Lodmot responds:

Woah, I'm surprised somebody found me this quickly before any of my submissions came up. Lol.

Thank you, and I will be sure to do that. :)


2011-11-13 04:15:29

Don't worry, covers are fine as long as it is your own cover, not someone else's. I had the same thought - now I've uploaded craptonnes of guitar covers :P

Enjoy NG, you're a great musician.